Hello World

Wonderlusting through life with aspiration, inspiration, and not always knowing when to shut up… Ever happen to you? It happens to me… often!


Anyways back to the plot I suppose! I am a fan of all things Rock and Roll, most things Home Decor (please, I beg someone to end this chevron fad!), and just simply complicating the less wondered topics in the world, example; Why do most people assume pancakes require syrup?

I also, very much am obsessed with my  daughter, my dogs, experimenting with foods, DIYing as much as I can for my home, The wizzarding world (HP), Crushing hard on Game Of Thrones… and enjoying my life wherever that may be!

Where is this blog thing going, Who does she think she is?

Want to learn a little more? Check out my First Post to find out who I am, and where the heck this blog is going to go! You can also check out one of my favorite forms of investigation, through my Pinterest! I mean really, your learn so much about someone, especially their style, in almost every way! Feel free to poke around, and judge me all you want… no shame! 🙂



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